My main research interest is the study of soil ecological processes with special focus on soil erosion, soil aggregate stability and soil biodiversity. I am very interested in the processes and feedbacks between soil structure and soil biodiversity, with a focus on root traits and soil microbial communities (fungi and bacteria). Most of my research has been conducted on Restoration Ecology as I am keen to work in research with practical outcomes.

I have been working in multiple multidisciplinary research projects such as the Marie Curie funded FIXSOIL project, the TALVEG2 project funded by ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and ECOPICS funded by the ANR (l’Agence nationale de la recherche). My main interest among the different projects is to study the role of vegetation (particularly plant roots) and soil microbes in soil carbon storage and erosion through the study of soil aggregation processes. I am keen to explore new techniques and new approaches for the study of plant-soil-microbes interactions in multiple contexts, particularly in environmental gradients such as land use gradients and altitudinal gradients.

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